Apteryx is a name you can trust when it comes to residential construction of the highest standard. We are approachable, cooperative and willing to work in close partnership with you to achieve an outstanding end result.

We understand that high-end, creative architecture demands craftsmanship, construction expertise and management capability. At apteryx we’ll absolutely deliver the quality workmanship and problem solving intelligence, that transforms a great design into an outstanding quality home.

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Our values are:

Built on TRUST

  • You can rely on us to deliver in all phases of the construction process
  • We have the track record, expertise and project, management skills that have earnt us the trust of leading Wellington Architects
  • We are Registered Master Builders.


  • We aim to create you a home that not only meets but exceeds your expectations
  • Our business approach will give you the confidence of an efficient process, and quality finish
  • We believe in excellence and realising the architect’s vision to its fullest extent. Our expertise can enhance the technical and creative possibilities.
  • We can provide a Master Build Guarantee.

Sealed with INTEGRITY

  • In all our dealings with you we will be open, honest, transparent and informative
  • We deliver a professionally rewarding project from start to finish, which fully realises the integrity and quality of the final design
  • Our tendering process is accurate, reliable and adaptable – allowing you to work with us efficiently and professionally.

Structured for COLLABORATION

  • We are solution not problem focussed. We do not work in isolation. We engage, we identify problems and discuss the best solutions with you.
  • We understand the demands on our clients’ and the architects’ time, so ensure we are as flexible as we can be in our approach.

Clad with EMPATHY

  • Building your dream home is a major financial investment and commitment that can seem initially challenging and somewhat daunting. We know selection of the right builder, and confidence in that builder, is vital to you in having the confidence to proceed. You can be assured we are in this with you, every step of the way.
  • We recognise that with every new project the professional integrity and reputation of the architect is on the line – and that reputation is just as important to us as our own.
  • We listen, we care, this is your dream, we are here to help you realise it.